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The wall mount corkscrew was originally designed 75 years ago by Santiago Olaneta, son of the founder, and his design team. Improved with the feedback of thousands of thousands of hours of operation from customers.

PaddyCorkscrew customers review:

Nice! Much better than I expected! I was surprised how sturdy and nicely finished the product turned out to be in real life. We use it in our retail store, and people comment all the time on it. It not only looks nice -- It's very sturdy, and the mechanism works very smoothly. It makes opening wine bottles a snap -- and no more turning and pulling. Absolutely love it! By: Eliza E.

It is as good as you have heard, very heavy build quality, and works like you want a opener too. Anyone can use it, it does all the work and looks amazing doing it. 

How to use a wall mount corkscrew:

  1. Start by cutting the foil under the lip of the bottle

  2. Insert the neck of the wine bottle into the cradle

  3. Pull down on the handle to insert the corkscrew

  4. Return the handle to the starting position to pull the cork out

  5. Once the bottle is removed from the cradle the cork will fall to the floor

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