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If you’re looking for an indestructible corkscrew worthy of your trust, you’ve found it. With a two-step spring-loaded lever, robust worm and serrated foil cutter, this sturdy opener thrives on hard work.

It offers an exquisite service for special events accompanying the best bottles. It is the perfect gift for "that person" you are thinking about. Stunning and genuine elegant tool is manufactured with high-quality standards. You'll surely leave no cork crumbles behind! Attract the credentials you deserve with the impressive ease of cork removal.

It's a great device and still one of the best,” said Stout.

Video Tutorial:


How to use:

  1. Screw the wick of the Sommelier Corkscrew into the cork.

  2. Enter the 1st notch of the lever.

  3. Block this 1st notch on the top of the neck of the bottle.

  4. Lift the tail of the handle by levering the 1st notch until half of the cap is extracted.

  5. Tilt the tail of the Sommelier's handle down to raise the 2nd notch of the lever and snap it onto the top of the neck.

  6. Lift the tail of the handle again and this time lever the 2nd notch to completely extract the cap.

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