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 Two Prong Corkscrew

How to use a 2 Pronged Corkscrew? It is not easy. ๐Ÿ˜… But you should get there with the recommendations of PADDYCORKSCREW!

 Two Prong Corkscrew


First of all, know that the2 pronged Ah-So Corkscrew is more particularly intended for old bottles with weakened corks. It is also useful in the event of a broken cap.

However, we advise you to make your first tests on bottles that you do not want:

It is difficult for a neophyte to use a Buttler's Thief: you will certainly not succeed the first time! ๐Ÿ˜ช

Another important point:

The Pronged Corkscrew is more effective on cork stoppers than synthetic ones, due to their rough texture.

How to use a Ah-So Corkscrew

  1. Gently insert the blades of the corkscrew between the cork stopper and the glass of the neck (starting with the longer of the two blades)

  2. Drive the two blades as deeply as possible, performing a downward and undulating thrust , in a pendulum, resembling that of a caterpillar. (Be careful not to push the blades too hard and quickly: be delicate otherwise you will push the cork into the bottle in some extreme cases)

  3. Extract the cork stopper by operating a delicate but firm movement of ascending and rotating , helical: a corkscrew movement, what. ^^ (beforehand we can make the two blades turn the stopper, in order to completely detach it from the glass walls of the neck)

  4. And There you go ! :)

To recap the bottle, simply reverse movement to movement 2 (push in the cap with an undulating thrust).

 Two Prong Corkscrew
 Two Prong Corkscrew
 Two Prong Corkscrew

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