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How To Choose The Best Wine Opener For Your Personality, Tastes & Needs | PaddyCorkscrew

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How To Choose A Corkscrew?

Very good question ! It depends. What will you say?

But from you dear friend! 🤗 Your personality, your character, and also your needs and desires. Note that there are 12 main types of Bottle Opener, each very different from the others: in the following article PaddyCorkscrew suggests that you review them all to determine which one is intended for which type of person. . Does that tell you? 🤝 Let's go!

"But who are you ?"

This is the first question to ask yourself when you want to choose a Corkscrew.

Who are you ?

Because no Bottle Opener is perfect for everyone, each one has its qualities and its faults depending on who uses them:

A truck driver will neither need nor want the same Corkscrew as a young lady, nor an old man at the gates of heaven.

The essential factor, when it comes to the choice of our oenological utensil, is the force that we are able to exert to extract the said cork from the divine bottle.

The second factor is aesthetics.

And there, each to his own: what seems beautiful to one will not seem beautiful to another.

It is up to everyone, therefore, to form their own opinion.

3rd factor?


Some Corkscrews are boring classicism (for those who find classicism boring), others a daring avant-garde (for those who find the daring avant-garde):

Here again the choice is a matter of taste.

To determine for what type of person such type of Corkscrew is intended, it seems essential to us to make a complete inventory of the different Corkscrews available on the market today.

But before that, an essential point to consider in the purchase of any Corkscrew:

The quality of its wick!

Point Capital: the helical bit (3 things to consider)

1) Full wick or pigtail
The wick (also known as a twist) is more efficient and damages the plug less if it is "pigtail", and not full

Mèche plein et queue de cochon_Le Bon Tire-Bouchon

(left: full wick | right: pigtail wick)

2) Thinness of the wick
The finer the "thread" of the wick, the better: it will penetrate more easily in a plug, in a less intrusive manner.

3) Hemmed with the bit
The larger the diameter of the twist (the more the twist is hemmed) the better it is too: the material grip (cork or synthetic) is all the stronger.

This capital point duly considered, we can begin our overview of Corkscrews, to better choose them:

Make yourself comfortable in your armchair, in a Pilou-Pilou bathrobe if you wish (you might as well be totally comfortable), let's go!

1) The T-shaped corkscrew

Tire-Bouchon en T_Le Bon Tire-Bouchon

What is a T-shaped corkscrew?
A simple handle,
In the middle of which a helical drill bit is extracted.
Such is our T-shaped corkscrew, the first bottle opener invented in history. (inv-en T? 🤔)

How does a T-shaped corkscrew work?
We grab the bottle,
The seal is cut with the tip of the helical drill bit (under the ring and not above, to avoid contact of the wine with the aluminium of the seal),
The wick is inserted into the cork and turned until there is one turn left out of the cork (so as not to pierce it and cause pieces of cork to fall into the wine),
One hand puts the bottle between his knees and pulls like a deaf person on the handle of the corkscrew:
Pops! The cork comes out!
Summary :
One cuts the seal thanks to the point of the worm, one pushes the worm in the cork by turning with the handle, then one pulls like a deaf person until the cork comes out!

Choose the T-shaped corkscrew if...
You have strength (no support to help you in the extraction of the corks: no lever or bell or worm or blades or compressed air or fairy electricity!).
You like simple things (nothing simpler than the T-Corkscrew)
You want to take it with you on a hike or a picnic.
You like wood (many T-bottle openers have a wooden handle).
You don't need a bottle opener (it doesn't have one, unlike many other types of corkscrews).

2) The Worm Screw Wine Opener 

Worm Wine Opener_PaddyCorkscrew

What is a Worm Corkscrew?
A worm at the end of which is fixed:
A helical spiral, driven by :
A handle,
All set in a bell.
This Bottle Opener is most often made of metal, but also sometimes decorated with a bell made of ABS hard plastic (plastic used for LEGOs, which gives them solidity and softness of surface).

How does a worm screw corkscrew work?
You grasp the bottle,
The seal is cut with the tip of the spiral drill bit,
The wick is pushed into the cork and the handle is turned until the cork is removed from the bottle.
Abstract :
We cut the seal thanks to the tip of the wick then we turn the handle until the cork comes out!

Choose the Worm Screw Corkscrew if...
You suffer from a lack of force (no force to exert: just turn the handle to operate the worm, until the cork is out of its glass shackle).
You like simplicity: see the first point: only one thing to do: turn the handle.
You like old-fashioned objects (a nice old-school touch in the worm corkscrew).
You don't need a bottle opener.

3) The Wing Wine Opener

What is a Wing Corkscrew ?
A rod with prolonged rack and pinion :
A helical worm,
And topped with a handle acting as a bottle opener,
The whole set in a bell "shouldered" of "arms" (fins or levers) with pinions hinged on the rack.
Here is the De Gaulle Bottle Opener, also called "Tire-Bouchon Charlemagne".

Like the worm screw corkscrew, it is also usually made of metal, but sometimes decorated with an ABS bell.

How does a Wing Wine Opener work?
1.We keep the bottle,
2.The seal is cut with the tip of the spiral drill bit,
3.The wick is pushed into the cap and the handle is turned until the wings of the Bottle Opener are fully raised in the air,
4.The bottle is placed on a table and the 2 wings are grasped (one per hand),
5.The 2 wings are lowered simultaneously:
6.The cork is extracted from the bottle!

Abstract :
One cuts the seal thanks to the point of the wick, one turns the handle to push the wick, then one presses on the wings to make leave the stopper !

Choose the Wing WineOpener if you...

You lack some strength (the 2 "arm" shaped fins give you the support of their leverage).
You like its old but still trendy aesthetics.
You have kept the soul of a child (as it looks like a man and raises and lowers his arms, this Bottle Opener fascinates children of all ages).


Wing Wine Opener



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