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I live in a place where most peaple love to enjoy life with friends, and being happy together with the companion called "WINE". So I started this wine opener blog just for you to discover the realization how "CORKSCREW" can make your life easier and to help you enjoy wine. I’d like to invite you to explore with me.

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Corkscrews and wine openers are a necessary part of our life! Explore the major styles of wine openers to find the one that’s right for you; from the portable waiter’s friend to the old-hands friendly electric wine opener. Read on to learn more about the various types of corkscrews!

Types of Corkscrews & Wine Bottle Openers

How To Choose The Best Wine Opener For Your Personality, Tastes & Needs | PaddyCorkscrew

Each type of corkscrew has different advantages and while they all open wine bottles, how they are used to remove a cork varies from type to type. Here I will share the various types of corkscrews and their usage instructions to help determine which corkscrew is best for you.


When selecting a wine opener, consider the intended application to select the best wine opener:

  • With all the corkscrews that are out there how can you tell which one works the best?
  • Most importantly which will be the easiest to use. Will you be traveling with the corkscrew?
  • Are you simply looking for a perfect wine opener?
  • Have you fallen for older wines with their troublesome older corks?
  • Start with these questions before selecting a wine opener or corkscrew.

What is a Waiter’s friend? Wine Key? Sommelier’s Knife? Lever Corkscrew? Electric Corkscrew?

Don’t be intimidated. These are all the same thing! 

Let’s start with the basic handheld waiter's corkscrew. The Waiter’s Corkscrew handle uses the side of the wine bottle for leverage, easing the upward pull of the cork. While this design has seen many improvements — the double hinged levers of the “Pull-Tap” prominent among them — its basic form has proved its worth, as the myriad variations remain extremely popular both with restaurant and bar professionals and home wine drinkers alike.

The lever corkscrew are quickly gaining popularity thanks to their ease of use. It is called the ‘Bunny Ears’ this is the best corkscrew for true beginners. It’s easy to use and has the satisfaction of the ‘pop’ of a cork included. Most lever corkscrews only require two motions, one forward motion in which the worm is inserted into the cork and another that gently pulls the cork from the bottle.

The coolest and easiest way to open wine bottles. Their simple push button operation makes it possible for anyone to open a bottle of wine. And for those who love the ease of use of wine opener, who may be suffering from carpal tunnel or arthritis, electric corkscrew  is a great choice. So, how does it work? You hold the bottle down. Simply place the corkscrew right on top and press the “down” button. Now, as we're doing this, the worm is entering into the cork and it's pulling it out of the bottle.

The wall mount corkscrew mount to a beam or wall for optimal stability and security when removing wine corks. Wall mount corkscrews can be set for different penetration depths. This is useful for partial wine cork extraction at banquet room functions where the wine will be placed on the tables before the event begins.

Pocket corkscrews have a compact size that's perfect for carrying in apron or pants pockets. Many pocket corkscrews include a sheath to keep the corkscrew worm from poking through fabric or pockets. This sheath is also often used to create a "T" shaped crossbar that provides leverage to twist the worm into the cork and remove the cork.

Wing, or winged, corkscrews are a popular choice for synthetic cork removal due to their ease of use. Additionally, they can be used on corks of all sizes for further versatility. This is a lifetime investment and celebration of enduring craftsmanship.  

We hope this blog helps you choose just the right corkscrew for yourself or a friend. Let’s toast to appreciating wine! Cheers!!


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